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Aired 12th September 2020 on 7mate
Each week The Weekend Prospector tackles some of Australia’s most famous gold rush regions as one man will risk life and limb each week to take his audience to the edge of your seat with his unquenchable, insatiable thirst for gold.
Australia boasts some of the most rugged and most dangerous terrain in the world including extreme deserts, mountainous ranges, exotic beaches and of course the most deadly of them all “The Outback”.
Our host and geologist  Andrew Bales has spent the past 35 years unearthing fact from fiction and brushing aside some of the planet’s most deadliest snakes and crocodiles in search of Australia’s hidden Gold.
The Weekend Prospector is one man’s quest to discover a bygone era, an era without written records, an era of Chinese whispers and myths of golden reefs and fortune, an era of buried treasures and hardships, turmoil and even murder, an era which will take him a to a place very few have been before and survived in his mission to discover Australian Gold. 

Series 3 2020 The Weekend Prospector

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The Weekend Prospector

The Weekend Prospector

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  • Next Wednesday morning I am going to be a guest with Trevor Chappell on ABC Radio at 4:20am AEDT. for all you early rises out their, you don't want to miss this! I can not wait to discuss all thing about modern day gold prospecting, so if you are still hungry for more prospecting goodness, tune in Wednesday morning!

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  • 🌟CONGRATULATIONS to our week 8 winner Brett Fisher😀 Please contact our page to claim your prize 😀 The Weekend Prospector Season 3 is available to re watch at www.7PLUS.com.au Minelab Metal Detectors #golddetector #MinelabMetalDetectors #prospecting #prospecting #gold

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  • 9:30 TODAY!!! Jump on 7MATE to watch the final Episode. This one has the best moment from across the series, including old mine shafts, rediscovering lost gold reefs and prospecting with the cricket legend Merv Hughes himself, and the best prospecting tips to set you up for sucsess! Don't Miss It! This season has been one to remember. Don't forget to take advantage of our final episode from series 3! Minelab Metal Detectors

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  • 3PM TODAY! If you getting into Prospecting, there is going to be no better starting point than this 'Best Of' Episode coming up! With the best key skills, tips and tutorials from the whole season compiled in one place, this episode is sure to become a peice of prospecting history! - The Weekend Prospector is on TODAY Friday 30th Oct – @ 3pm (following Dipper’s BBQ Wars) and Saturday 31st Oct at 9.30am! Minelab Metal Detectors

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