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Each week The Weekend Prospector tackles some of Australia’s most famous gold rush regions as one man will risk life and limb each week to take his audience to the edge of your seat with his unquenchable, insatiable thirst for gold.

Australia boasts some of the most rugged and most dangerous terrain in the world including extreme deserts, mountainous ranges, exotic beaches and of course the most deadly of them all “The Outback”.

Our host and geologist  Andrew Bales has spent the past 35 years unearthing fact from fiction and brushing aside some of the planet’s most deadliest snakes and crocodiles in search of Australia’s Outback Gold. 

The Weekend Prospepctor is one man’s quest to discover a bygone era, an era without written records, an era of Chinese whispers and myths of golden reefs and fortune, an era of buried treasures and hardships, turmoil and even murder, an era which will take him a to a place very few have been before and survived in his mission to discover Gold. 

Series 3 2020 The Weekend Prospector

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  • SATURDAY 11.56am 7mate LAST WEEKS Hi everyone with only a few episodes remaining for this series, I hope that you've both enjoyed this season and still have the opportunity to catch this week's show, it's a ripper. Remember if you've missed an episode,you can always catch up on 7plus.com. See you this Saturday only on 7mate @ 11.56am....cheers Andrew. Minelab Metal Detectors

    The Weekend Prospector > 08/06/2022
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  • THE WEEKEND PROSPECTOR 7MATE This Saturday (28 May) at 12 noon on 7mate airs one of my favourite episodes for both making and viewing. This episode is an absolute must see. If you want to understand Alluvials, ancient river bed systems and how to best prospect and work these gravel capped hills. This is the episode. I hope you enjoy and find a few "nuggets" for yourself from this Alluvial gold special....cheers Andrew. Minelab Metal Detectors

    The Weekend Prospector > 26/05/2022
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  • THE WEEKEND PROSPECTOR IS BACK!! This weekend we're back at 12 noon only on 7MATE. Saturdays episode is close to my heart with a trip back in time and a good ole fashioned relic hunt. I hit the South Australian Outback ghost town of Tarcoola with great success. Tarcoola was a very impressive bustling town and it boasted many attractions back in the day. I hope you enjoy this relic special as much as I did exploring the old town....cheers Andrew.

    The Weekend Prospector > 19/05/2022
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  • Hi everyone, due to 7mate's live broadcast commitments tomorrow at lunchtime, The Weekend Prospector will be back again Saturday 21 May at 12 noon. Sorry for the inconvenience... cheers Andrew.

    The Weekend Prospector > 13/05/2022
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  • OLD GOLD THIS SATURDAY!! This Saturday at 12 noon on 7mate I travel to the legendary region of Eldorado, Victoria to highlight and showcase the oldest form of prospecting which is panning and sluicing. I'll show you all the tips, tricks and locations for your next weekend away in search for gold. This is a true back to basics episode to demonstrate the ease of panning and sluicing with great success. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did ...

    The Weekend Prospector > 03/05/2022
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  • THE GOLD ENIGMA SATURDAY 7MATE 11.56AM Hi everyone this Saturday I visit the country town of Boort in Victoria. I follow a fascinating and intriguing story of "WHY, WHAT & HOW". The "Why", was one of Victoria's largest nuggets ever discovered in an area which has never produced a single ounce of gold. The "What" of what was it doing there? And the "How" it was discovered. This week's episode is a truly unique journey as I try to unravel this ...

    The Weekend Prospector > 28/04/2022
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    The Weekend Prospector > 22/04/2022
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